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Welders who Inspire us to become better at Welding and Metalworking

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Welding is difficult. You constantly deal with heat, spatter, hazardous conditions, fumes, strange body alignments in order to get your welds right. Sometimes welding is an awkward necessary task and other times it is a passion or a hobby. There are so many things that can go wrong in welding that can make people quit the pursuit of welding altogether. The learning curve can be tough but when you get it right so many things get done! Especially for beginner welders, the feeling of succeeding with your first DIY welding project is unlike any other and it makes you thirst for more.

There are many different reasons why we seek out welding whether we are hobbyists or professionals. For each person the needs and goals are different but the desire to work with metal and build something with your own hands can be strong. This desire to weld is ignited by the inspiration which can come from watching the craft and skill of other welders: friends, family or people we find on social media posting some of our favorite welds. Inspiration can come from many different sources and hits us sometimes when we least expect it. Welding seems to choose us as much as we choose it.

Every now and then we come across some stories about welders and their relationship with welding that inspires us to become better welders. Sometimes welding creates a career opportunity for us, other times it inspires us to create sculpture and art. The place for welding in our lives is flexible and can yield many surprises. Here are some stories which make us want to improve our welding and get out there to weld even more.

Relationship between Veterans and the Texas Welding Scene
- Jobs and Opportunity abounds for our great veterans!


The Only Girl at School to Spark an Interest in Welding
-Women finding their place in welding education.


7 Project Ideas to Inspire Welding Students
-Need a challenging project or just a place to start?


Welder Scott Raabe Creates Welds that are like works of Art
-Beautiful welds that we enjoy.


More Impressive Super Clean Welds by Earl Jackson
-Super clean welding technique, simply awesome!


Variety of Boss Welds from Social Media
-Many talented welders of the social media world.


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Inspiring Story of a Marine Veteran who Turns his life around with Welding

"Marine veteran Brandon Hyde, 25, explains how veterans court helped turn his life around after drug and alcohol abuse and run-ins with the law. He is now set to receive a diploma in welding from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in May."  http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/…/veteran-tur…/94625512/

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