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Troubleshooting LTP5000D Electronics Video

Need troubleshooting tips for your Lotos LTP5000D? Here are some great troubleshooting tips from ElectronicsNmore on YouTube. 

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Welders who Inspire us to become better at Welding and Metalworking

Welding is difficult. You constantly deal with heat, spatter, hazardous conditions, fumes, strange body alignments in order to get your welds right. Sometimes welding is an awkward necessary task and other times it is a passion or a hobby. There are so many things that can go wrong in welding that can make people quit [...]

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Lotos MIG175 is Awarded the Best Mid Range MIG Welder by!

Recently our flux core welder MIG175 was awarded a top pick for the best mid range MIG welder for enthusiasts by! Here are some highlights from their article review which we love: "Versatility is the mantra of Lotos MIG175. The solid and durable machine equipped with a stellar wire feed motor functionality and advanced transformer [...]

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Alex Gall Fabricating a base that will showcase a 90+ pound amethyst geode and burl wood trim

Fabricating a base that will showcase a 90+ pound amethyst geode and burl wood trim. Oriented in a wing fashion. I'll be cutting the temporary base loose and welding it to a 2'x2'x1/4" steel plate. Will also be finished with LED's. #workinprogress #steel #MIG #lotoswelders #welding #weld #amethystgeode #geodebase #arting #collaboration [...]

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Want to be your own Boss? Start your own Welding Contractor Business!

Are you ready to take charge of your own welding profession and be your own boss? Are you up for the challenge of managing scheduling, advertising and day to day operations on your own? As your own boss you will encounter new challenges and expectations from your customers and associates. Weld My World A Bakers [...]

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Plasma Cutting by Hand Mutton Snapper Fish DIY Sculpture by Alex Gall using LTP5000D

Nautical themed sculptures and art created by our Brand Ambassador Alex Gall.  recent Mutton Snapper Fish metal sculpture where he uses our LTP5000D plasma cutter to hand form and design this metal art piece.

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Lotos CT520D is Awarded the #2 Best Model of 2016 Under $500 by!

Lotos CT520D is Awarded the #2 Best Model of 2016 Under $500 by! Lately our Lotos machines have been acknowledged by independent reviewers such as giving our popular pilot arc plasma cutter LT5000D #1 best portable plasma cutter ranking!Our CT520D Multi Process TIG Dual-Voltage, Stick Welder and Plasma Cutter machine has also received recognition [...]

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High Demand for Welders throughout the United States

There is an obvious trend going on throughout the United States of America in which welders are in high demand for jobs throughout different states.  Schools are spending more money on welding departments in the United States, a considerable budget is being allocated to growing these educational skills. More and more awareness and focus is being [...]

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Our Plasma Cutter LT5000D is Ranked #1 by!

Recently our popular pilot arc plasma cutter LT5000D was rated #1 best portable plasma cutters by ! Here are some highlights from the article review which we love."With the exclusive design, LT5000D can also be used for small home projects. Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter comes with a 50A dual Voltage 110/220vac. This portable plasma [...]

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